Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Five Billion Years

Hey Kids,
The summer pop record construction edification project thingie has concluded.
It's up on youtube (linked on the right) and downloadable from the soundcloud page.
Also it's in the process of being put up on bandcamp so if you've got money
you would like to throw at me - that would be awesome.

There are a couple bits I sort of cringe at, but overall I think it's a success.
A theme even developed of it's own accord during the writing. Peachy.

The rest of the summer is going to be spent doing some retro midi video game music
for an open source JRPG Maker program. (rpgboss.com).

Then it's back to school for a while.

Hugs and chocolate,
PS - fuck you, everyone likes chocolate.

EDIT: I just watched "Cloud Atlas" for the first time since it was released.. and apparently it influenced the fuck out of Five Billion Years. How meta. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey kids, I set up a Cafe Press shop where you can buy t-shirts and stickers and hoodies with my awesome dancer logo on them. Neat, right? Click on the ad bar to the right and you too can sport a weirdly elegant yet whimsical glorified stick-figure on your chest! (or whatever you put a sticker on)
More stuff soon, I think.
(not nessisarily product, just stuff.. news.. stuff.. things. yah.)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Seff Uh LaPod

Hey kids. Writing a pop album over summer. (on the soundcloud or youtube pages) Twelve songs, I'm roughly a third through, and will be posting as it's completed. Just looked on the youtube page and noticed the Sandman stuff gets a fair amount of views. (fair amount for me at any rate). I'm certain it's due to the famous guy's name in the title which I kind of assumed would be the case when I started that - but Happily about a fifth of the people that listen to Part 1 appear to go through and listen to the other 9 parts I've done.. which is kinda cool. I've had a couple false starts with part 11. (book three of the second volume, I believe.) But seeing that at least some people appear to be digging it makes me want to soldier on. SO.. I'm not making any promises but.. I am "nudge nudge wink wink"ing. We'll see. -@ Yarp.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Here I Am.

Hiyuh Kids.

Bit of new music-a-stuff:



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beware the Ides of October

Hi adoring public. (?)
No updates for a long time. Why? If I hadn't mentioned it previously (?) I'm pursuing a BA in physics taking CS courses from the local university. This leaves little time for anything else. So - music updates:

Daily-ish Looper Improv - Deceased
King Cave Bear - Hit the ground with a big old splat
Pop Songs - Meeeeehhhhhh-maybe
WWI concept record - Sadly, filed away in the projects I'd have liked to have completed but will likely neve return to.
Sandman - Of all the things I was working on - this is the one that still makes my finger tips itch. So - Yes, I'll get back to this when I can.. likely starting Vol. 2 from scratch. When? ..eek.

I'd love to jump back into the whole thing full time - but that will surely put me on a path to homelessness and no marketable skills. Which.. is bad, mmkay?

Okay. You've been informed. An update has been made. Cheers!